Water damage isn’t something you should try to clean up yourself with buckets and a mop. These methods just waist time and don’t scratch the surface of the problem, which is all of the moisture trapped in the damaged surfaces. If this moisture isn’t removed and properly treated, a small problem can quickly turn into a major disaster as mold and bacteria begin to grow. This is why you need a water damage restoration company you can count on for fast, reliable water extraction and drying services. Santa Monica Flood Damage is a leader in the water and sewage damage industry and is standing by to help.

Why Choose Santa Monica Flood Damage?
Santa Monica Flood Damage has the resources to handle all degrees of water damage, as well as sewage damage, flooding, fire sprinkler damage, and mold damage. Our quick response means that we can avert disasters and prevent secondary damages, while quickly mitigating any damage which has already been done. Our dedication to providing excellent services is why we have come to be known as one of the best water damage services in Santa Monica.

Our services include:
• IICRC certified water and sewage cleanup experts
• Water extraction
• Drying and dehumidifying
• Sewage damage restoration
• Contaminated material removal
• Fire damage restoration
• 24/7 emergency services
• Fair rates and great customer service
• Direct billing to insurance companies

When You Choose Us, You Get Complete Solutions
Whether you are facing water damage from a burst pipe or a natural disaster, dealing with the aftermath can be confusing and stressful. We promise to help you through the entire process so you can rest at ease knowing your property is safe. Our specialists respond quickly (usually within 30 minutes of your call in emergency situations) and get to work with professional-grade equipment to remove water and sewage, and treat any biohazard threats.

Water damage usually means a myriad of problems, like hardwood floor damage, mold growth, oil spills, or saturated carpets. We come equipped with the knowledge and tools to help you deal with all of these problems. Our water damage experts can help by, for example, replacing carpet padding and taking moisture readings to ensure mold growth is thwarted. There is no need to call in 10 different specialists to deal with the aftermath of one problem! We at Santa Monica Flood Damage will help solve all of the problems related to water and sewage damage.

Communicating with Insurance Companies
Many cases of water damage end with claims to insurance companies. Thus, we understand how important it is to communicate with insurance companies so you can get fully reimbursed for the damages. Our customer support staff can help you understand the claims process, provide you with proper documentation, and we bill directly to the insurance companies to save you the trouble.

Let Us Help You Overcome this Water Damage Emergency!
Contact us at anytime for immediate assistance. With our professional help, we can help you overcome this unexpected disaster quickly and save you further expenses from secondary damages. Our water damage professionals are licensed, trained, equipped, and deliver the highest level of customer service. We look forward to helping you.

Call us at (310) 591-3176

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